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Re: 2011 Schedule & Ranking

Top 30 are required to play at least 4 ATP500 level each year. So if like Murray who didn't show up at Dubai, and with no apparent injury (except his wounded psyche), he got a zero-pointer for Dubai, that will stick for 1 year. So if he played another 4 ATP500 and won them all 4 at 500 pts per pop, they will count 3X500 + 0 instead of 4X500. So that's where the penalty hurts. So, the penalty, only occurs at the ATP 500 levels. There was supposed to be extra penalty too, like if you miss a ATP 1000, then they don't let you play another ATP 1000, or sth like that (not 100% sure about this rule), but it was never implemented, cos it makes no sense anyway to make players sit out for mandatory event.

The ranking system, is very complicated, which kinda makes it interesting. But I mostly just read the ranking thread to understand how things work, and the FAQ on ATP website. I think the likes of Julio and other experts read the rule book, I admire their dedications.

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