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Re: Severe Censorship

The problem of this forum is that they value too much objective and rationality over emotion. Some emotional posts adds more value then boring statistics/analysis no one cares for. We need the rebels, the ones that go against the stabilishment, we need the outer voices, the voices from the dark. Some of the best/worst posters of this site has been banned several times making the forum a land of no-one and people talking about things no-one care.

We need moderators that are less judgmental and more perceiving. More Salahadins!

Now please unban fast_clay, to ban him is a personal insult and a derrogatory vomit to good taste, since he gives important insights of how one can live life and how to express itself.

he can teach you all if you pay more atention by intuition and less by your geriatric dysfunctional senses and limited acknowledgment of the richness that the human being is, but you ban him. No no no no...


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