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POLICY: Creation of New Player Forums

New Player Forums

3 times a year, users will have the opportunity to nominate players to be given their own subforum in the Players forum.

This normally occurs:
  • Post Indian Wells & Miami - polling opened in late February / early March and closed mid April
  • Post Wimbledon - polling opened in mid June and closed at the end of July
  • Post Season - polling opened in mid November and closed at the end of the year.

Users are invited to create a thread in the Player Forum Requests subforum, that includes the name of the player for whom they seek a new forum to be created. Also add a poll to it. Then, of course, ask interested fellow fans to vote for your request if they are a fan of the same player, but please don't send spam-like messages.

The best chance for the request to be granted is:
  • if you are getting plenty of feedback in the poll, and
  • if the voting result reflects the activity in the already existing thread(s) of the player (example: 70 "yes" votes, but only two people posting about the player isn't very convincing), and
  • if the player happens to be a good outlook for the future in general.

Decisions around creating new player forums will be made by the moderation team, taking these things into account. Decisions are final, and if a player request is unsuccessful, the user is invited to re-submit the request at the next opportunity. As a general rule, the moderators will not create more than three new forums in any round of requests, but may do so if circumstances seem to warrant it.

Player Forum Request subforums are normally to be found in this forum

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