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POLICY: Banned Poster Questions

Banned User Questions

For the purposes of transparency, there is thread listing currently temporarily banned posters and selected permanently banned posters, together with the infraction that led to the ban, in this thread

The administration team makes every effort to keep this regularly updated, minimum weekly.

Beyond this, it is extremely unlikely that anyone requesting more information on why another poster is banned will get more information.

The administration considers such matters to be between them, the banned poster involved and no one else.

That does not stop the involved poster from telling other posters or bringing it up when / if they return from a suspension. However you will only ever hear their side of the story and, as has been demonstrated numerous times before, when confronted with actual facts such stories invariably seem much less dramatic and less unjust.

Almost all posters that are banned permanently from the site have been approached by the moderators and asked to stop contravening forum rules prior to a final ban.

The moderation team have produced a list of the type of infractions that users may incur, the first and subsequent penalties for these infractions, and how many are permitted before a permanent ban of the user is the final outcome. These guidelines are followed by all the moderation team when deciding how to deal with behaviour that is contrary to site rules.

For more information on warnings, infractions and bans, see this thread

There is, however, scope for flexibility and discretion, when required. The guidelines are designed to cover most eventualities, but inevitably there are occasions and circumstances when the behaviour does not neatly fall into these guidelines. In these cases, discussions will take place within the moderation team about the appropriate course of action.

Premium members are subject to the same forum rules as any other member. They can be banned just like anyone else and this fact has been reiterated by the webmaster. We do give plenty of chances to posters that are well established, regular contributors to this forum to modify their posting / behaviour but, having said that, if someone is clearly disregarding polite requests, we do not waste time trying to convince with them with words beyond what is considered reasonable.

It should be stated loudly and clearly that the moderation team IN NO WAY exercises bias towards or against fans of ANY player with respect to infraction and ban decisions. Moderators have their player preferences like anybody else, but they are required to act with neutrality when dealing with rule-breaking by members of any fangroup. As a team, the moderators are fans of many different players, and any moderation decision which demonstrates bias would therefore be quickly picked up on by the other members of the team. Some users consistently wish to dispute moderation decisions with reference to supposed bias. In future, this will be considered a personal attack on the moderation team and will be dealt with accordingly.

The above is just some information about the banning process written mainly to alleviate poster concerns and confront some of the regular mistruths that are spread on the forum.

In the vast majority of cases, there is a clear, established and transparent route towards a permanent ban for users who consistently reject the forum rules, as per the warnings, infractions and bans as listed in this thread

In some exceptional cases, the administration team may decide that a user should be permanently banned from the site without requiring that user to have reached one via infractions, however, such cases are highly unusual and only after full discussion by the administration team.

One thing to reiterate is that a permanent ban is final. The only channel open for appeal is a direct email to the webmaster. Re-registering to cry injustice is not acceptable.

The webmaster can be contacted via email:

Kindly avoid disturbing him except when absolutely necessary as he covers multiple websites.

Posters cannot demand the return of a particular user and threads opened in such a manner to garner public support will have no effect other than for those threads to be closed or deleted, and the poster(s) in question to be subject to potential sanctions for forum disruption

As outlined above, we consider each case individually and carefully and a poster that gets banned will have been offered the warning signs. If they choose to ignore them then that is their choice and they do so at the risk of their account being terminated.

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