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POLICY: Reputation


Reputation is a feature that allows other members to reward you when you make a special contribution or a useful post to the MTF community. In contrast, if you're rude or set out to be deliberately abusive members can mark that down against your name.

Your reputation is also built up by how long you've been a member and the amount of posts you make.

How does it work? Where I can see it?

SteveG posted this excellent explanation:

- to view your reputation when you are browsing posts, you just need to move your mouse over the green dot. A comment will indicate where you stand (distinguished road, almost famous...)

- to view the number of points you have and the comments that you have received, go to your user CP. You can also review from there to which of your posts these comments refer.

- to give some reputation (good / bad) to someone (should be based on someone's post), click on the icon below the name of the member to whom you want to give points.

What to do in case of spam/abuse via a reputation comment?

Any use of the reputation system to leave abusive comments that you consider offensive or spam can be reported to supermods or admins by reporting one of the offending poster's posts or, if they have no posts, by sending a PM to a supermod or admin.

See POLICY: Abuse via the reputation or private messaging (PM) system for more details


What is a grey dot?

Members who have only a few posts, or haven't been here for long give out grey dots, it means neutral, and it won't give you extra points (nor will it take away points.

How many different members must I rep before I can repute the same member again?

I believe 20...

What are my rep limits?

You can give out a maximum of 10 reps in 24 hours

You must also have a minimum of ...

- 50 posts.

- 500 credits.

- 10 rep points.

... before any reps you give have an effect on anyone else's reputation.

Please also note that if you have a user on your ignore list, you will not see any reputation comments they give you.

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