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Re: Severe Censorship

Originally Posted by Action Jackson View Post
I never said the match threads weren't polluted, just nowhere to the point that they are now. There were threads you could actually talk about tennis albeit a very small amount which has now further reduced.

Yes the hahaha threads were juvenile and silly but had a place, it got the shit out of the system and concentrated in these places. The Djokovic one was the thing that set it off, it was those people who thought their family honour was insulted and overreacted to the extreme, yes the vocal minority has been catered for. Glenn is right that thread was only deleted because of a few humourless people. Racism, wishing injury, death, threats and shit like that have no place here, but there has to be a better balance.

So how are the pissing contests and flamewars going to be reduced?
Rubbish - match threads were only slightly better then than they are now - difference was some posters, like myself for one example, used to attempt to discuss the match more in them and now I just don't bother.

Okay let me ask you this: What do you actually want?

Because I'm getting a lot of complaining but no clear indication of what you guys want to happen. So what do you want to happen, and if it does happen, what are you going to do to help make it work?
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