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I wish I had seen the '99 US Open. At the time, my thought was, What's the point? Agassi is going to win with Rafter and Sampras not contending. Now you all are talking about the tiebreak between Pioline and Kuerten in '99, and I am upset. Of course, I knew that Kuerten's days were coming, and I was going to be ready in 2000 to witness all the great ones.

Now I watch tennis because of Kuerten. I am a better fan now because I stick with him through anything. His losses and wins are good moments for me because he is playing, and he is smiling through them both. That is what life, tennis, and sports are about.

A personal note to Hitman, you better be kidding about finishing the documentary of '97 FO by 2005. By then you contribute eyewitness testimony on 2000 FO, 2000 Masters, 2001 FO, and all future Grand Slam, Davis Cup, and Olympic successes. I foresee all of this. Why? I am a Gugaholic! I am not anonymous about it either.
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