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Re: DaViD FeRReR PiCs!!!

Originally Posted by FerrersLinda View Post
Hey hey, Lucas man, looking cute! But you've got to talk to mom and dad about what they put on you in that picture (salopette and sandals). Believe me, you're gonna be so pissed in about 14 years when you see this picture.
And possibly very weirded out by the fact that a bunch of strangers posted your picture on a forum and then rambled on about how damn sexy your uncle is

I never thought david and his brother looked all that much alike, but looking at that picture its not hard to tell they are brothers...Ferrer's features are just a bit more sharper...but they have the same sort of smile and there eyes are similar but (maybe im a little bias) Ferrers eyes are more striking

I cant wait to see armada babies..I can imagine a bunch of little verdasco-lings running around with there perfectly fau-hawked hair, and little ferrers quietly sitting in a corner reading story books while robredos kids played my little ponies and ate there weight in chocolate and Felis kiddies would be late because it took them forevr to figure out what sort of outfit they wanted to wear, Rafas kids would probably be lifting weights by the time there 2 how great would it be if they all formed the next generation of the armada?

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