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Re: Question - what should the world do about the situation in Libya?

Originally Posted by peribsen View Post
Gaddafi is pretty close to crushing the insurgence. While the West, expectedly, has done little but pay lip service to democracy and human rights.

The worst of it all is that this once again sends a very strong message to the Arab world: never expect the Western powers to actually act in accordance with their stated priciples on any issue that does not involve them directly.

The big losers here (besides obviously the Libian people), are everybody who in the Muslim world believe that a way can be found for friendly collaboration between themselves and us. The big winners (again) are all those bent on convincing all Muslims that nothing good for them will ever come from us, that the only option open for them is enmity with the West.

Our leaders outdo themselves. Neither terrorists nor radical islamists had much to do with starting this freedom movement, yet we have somehow managed to frame them as the group most likely to benefit from it all.

Once again (like happened in Algeria in the early 90s, or in Afghanistan in the 80s), we have managed to shoot ourselves in the foot. Once again, the consequences will not be inmediate, they'll take their time in brewing, but I fear that ultimately we wont be able to avoid them.
what exactly would you have wanted the west to do?

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