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Re: Severe Censorship

Originally Posted by jmf07 View Post
Yeah I only have to look at the scars from my wrist slitting on that dark day to remember that shocking event. Our God was suffering from a severe bout of Gooch tendon so the Rafatards and Fedtards joined forces in desperation to try and purge the Goochtards whilst we were weakened. They exiled our dear leader Glenn Mirnyi from the forums and then our other dear leader and creator Fast Clay went missing under mysterious circumstances and his sidekick finishingmove also disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

But we fought through the tough times and are now back with our God in good health and most of his followers survived the purge although unfortunately it seems as though the Boggotards and Mailman fans did not survive.
Those were the saddest days of my life. Not being able to lead our people in a time of dire needs. I sat at a dark corner of my bedroom every day analysing my mistakes so when I returned, I'd be able to lead our people more effectively and with a better strategic sense.
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