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Re: Severe Censorship

Originally Posted by GlennMirnyi View Post
You only answered me after I complained here publicly.

I don't get this whole attitude. Neither Pablo nor me are being offensive or aggressive in any way towards you or any other mods. Why the need to put up this attitude as if you were doing a favour to us? Part of being a moderator in any sphere is showing a uniformity of action and accountability towards the moderated. Power comes from respect, not from random displays of power. If we, moderated, are treated like anything can happen at any given day, how can any respect be demanded? Fear is not respect, remember that. Posters are banned because of PERSONAL grievances. Others are banned because of public pressure. This is worse than lynching.

In the end, who moderates the moderators? There's nobody over you moderators we can refer to in the case of arbitrariness.
I answered because you reminded me that I had a PM I hadn't responded to, had you reminded me by PM I still would have answered.

I'm not sure what attitude you're referring to. I'm attempting to ascertain what legitimate grounds you have to say "Moderation in this forum is in a ghastly shape and we have no-one to help".

If i'm short with people while doing this it's because the attitude I constantly encounter is the opposite of respect. I and my fellow mods are trying to do a job here in my spare time that is not easy - there are many conflicting demands to it - and we get constant hassle for doing so from people who have no interest in trying to appreciate these conflicts and demands. I'm not telling you that because I want a burst of sympathy - I don't - but why you expect me to be all sweetness and light when people come at me with such an attitude is a mystery.

We don't do random displays of power - we try to apply the rules as consistently as we can, we don't always get it right, but just because you don't know why something was done, doesn't mean it was done for no reason other than to flex our moderation muscles, nor is it done to try and engender "fear" - God, it's a tennis website, not Big Brother. Posters are banned because they breach the rules and for no other reason. Posters are not banned because of public pressure - if anything we're accused far more of not acting when various people demand it, much more than the converse.

If you have desperate urge to complain to those further up than the admins I will investigate your options for you, but if you plan to do that I'd advise you to have pretty concrete evidence of your complaints and how the moderators are not dealing with them - with reference to the site rules - ready to lay before them.
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