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Re: Severe Censorship

Originally Posted by .-Federers_Mate-. View Post
I think a no holds barred section for the forum is a GREAT idea. It can be for members who just want to let off steam/bitch etc chill you name it. Threads can be about anything from general issues/posters/life/tennis etc. It will generate a ton of activity, flush out gm, and make mtf an enjoyable place. It has worked on other forums why not here?.

Only rule is no porn.

Create a new section called 'time out' and make it members only (only members can see it) with a password needed (ask mod for access).

think about it Scoobs.
Originally Posted by Word Life View Post
I agree with this.
This is a great idea...

Why wouldn't this be done?
I think the mods should think about this.
It's a great idea...
I have a better idea - why don't you two create your own forum and be no holds barred there! Than all the junk will be out of GM!

Cabbage, you're not old enough for such a forum. You'd have to wait a few years
Originally Posted by ExcaliburII View Post
Today Fiber insulted me and mods didnt act as they acted when I insulted him. Why do we even have mods that are so biased?
Are you allowed to type his name
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