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Re: There is no finish line...

Originally Posted by Apophis View Post
Thanks a lot for your research efforts, Approachshot and duong.

On closer inspection, tennis28 actually mentions their last update date for their rankings tables here: (Feb 14 as of now) So, assuming this site uses a script on the complete, perfect, database of the rankings (since July 1984 as they mention), we can simply use their data and add the last 4 weeks ourselves. Except for consecutive streaks in top 2 and 3, and the Lendl & Connors stats.
(I verified their update date: they have Nadal at 83 weeks at #1 as of feb 14, which is correct; he will have 87 weeks next Monday Mar 14.)

I added your results and a few things myself:

Total #1
1. Sampras 286
2. Federer 285
3. Lendl 270
4. Connors 268

Consectutive #1
1. Federer 237
2. Connors 160
3. Lendl 157
4. Sampras 102

Total top 2
Lendl ~403 (303 since Mon 25-6-1984)
Sampras 376
Federer 376 as of Mon 14-3-2011 (his last certain top 2 date)
Connors ?

Consecutive top 2
1. Federer 346 (Mon 17-11-2003 - Sun 4-7-2010)
Lendl 280 (Mon 8-4-1985 - Sun 19-8-1990)
Connors 5 yrs?

Total top 3
Lendl >=471 (~403 top 2 + >=68 at #3)
Sampras 457
Federer 402 as of Mon 14-3-2011 (26 at #3 so far)

Consecutive top 3
1. Federer 402 (Mon 7-7-2003 - Mon 14-3-2011 and ongoing)
2. Sampras 391 (Mon 18-5-1992 - Sun 14-11-1999)

BTW Sampras does not have more than 3.5 yrs consecutive top 2, he was #3 for 1 week or so early 1996 (according to tennis28 graph)
Federer's total and consecutive top 3 counts are equal. Once he entered the top 3 on July 7 2003, he has never left it.
Reaching Lendl in total top 2 will be a challenge for Federer, he needs to keep off Djokovic for a while. Total top 3 may be easier.
thanks a lot

For Lendl, my calculation must be taken as a maximum as the rankings not being updated weekly in that time, he might have lost it several weeks in those periods if it had been so, especially as the rankings with Connors were often very close in that period.

As for Connors I don't think we can say that he spent 5 consecutive years in top-2 : in the end of the year in 1975 and 1977 some don't put him in top-2 although the ATP rankings did (which even the ATP didn't completely rely on their method in that time ), then imagine if there had been "correct" ATP rankings updated weekly ...

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