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Re: There is no finish line...

Actually I tried to calculate how many weeks in top-2 Ivan Lendl had spent, and I think he spent around 400 weeks which is a little bit more than Fed and Sampras (so far for Fed).

It's complicated as the ATP rankings were not updated regularly before the 25th of june 1984,

and also before I couldn't find the track of exactly when they did update the rankings : in each player's ranking history they just give a few rankings here and there, but the dates are not the same according to the players then it's hard to rebuild the whole story

... but well my estimation is that Lendl spent around 400 weeks in top-2 (my precise number being 403), among which 303 weeks which are certain, after the 25th of june 1984, and an estimation of 100 weeks before.

the estimation of these 100 weeks (which is a maximum, I believe, comparing to if the rankings were updated regularly) is :
- 35 weeks from the 11th of january 1982 to the 13th of september 1982
- 14 weeks from the 28th of february 1983 to the 6th of june 1983
- 51 weeks from the 4th of july 1983 to the 25th of june 1984.

As for the consecutive number of weeks, Lendl's maximum was 280 weeks between the 8th of april 1985 and the 20th of august 1990, which is less than Fed's 346 weeks.

I also thought of Connors for that, but it would be even more complicated and also I don't think he may have reached that number from a rough esttimation (he reached the top-2 in 1974 until 1979 but left it until september 1982, and 376 weeks is approximately 7 years and a half)

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