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Re: There is no finish line...

Originally Posted by Apophis View Post

Here it says

without a clear source. Can anyone confirm the 377 weeks? I think it must be about correct. Sampras' 376 is correct.

As for total weeks in top 3, Sampras still has a handsome lead on Federer. According to Sampras had 81 weeks at #3 and 457 weeks in the top 3, while Federer has only 26 weeks at #3 by now ( Federer spent only 4 weeks at #4 by the way. :P

As for consecutive top 3, Federer has been top 3 since halfway 2003 without interruption (, some 7.5 years. Sampras has roughly the same if I read his graph correctly:
I don't think it's quite right, he's had 285 at #1 as we know and 88 at #2 I believe, with a total of 373 (the person who calculated it possibly missed out that time he dropped to #3 last summer?), but that's certainly one to keep an eye on! Not sure if I got that right, he might have already broken it

Will Federer regain the #1 spot and break Sampras's record for most weeks at the top?

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