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Re: In The Spotlight: buddyholly

Originally Posted by Seingeist View Post
1. Which currently active tennis players, if any, do you enjoy watching and/or rooting for?

2. Are there any players that you particularly dislike? If so, whom?

3. I have always found it strange (in a refreshing way) that a Canadian citizen is quicker to defend the United States on certain issues than many of the Americans in these forums, especially because a great deal of the Canadians that I have heard from seem none-too-fond of the US. Why are you different?

4. Prefer cats or dogs? (or neither, but that would put you at risk of seeming heartless)

5. Do you like any English or Irish poets?

6. Do you watch the WTA at all?

(probably more to come later)
1. Raonic, obviously. Ferrer. O. Rochus. Nadal. Wish Santoro was still active.

2. Djokovic. Like a Rubber Ball, bouncy, bouncy............... He's not the only player with a heart, but he doesn't know it.
Federer is such a glamour diva, thinks his proper environment is with royalty. When he blogged once from Tokyo, it was pathetic.

3. All my associations with Americans have been positive. I wouldn't have much to post if I only defended Canada here, we are never accused of anything. Maybe by not being Canada-born I have not been infected by the Canadian inferiority complex everybody talks about.

4. I like fun dogs like Border Collies and hate useless dogs like Dachshunds. But my admiration is for cats - their independence, aloofness and general don't-give-a-s*^t attitude to humans - as long as they do their jobs and keep the food coming.

5. I have no feelings for poetry at all.

6. I spent a lot of time watching Evert, Navratilova and other players from that era. Today I avoid it.

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