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Originally Posted by abraxas21 View Post
okay, we've had our share of heated discussions about the israeli-palestinian conflict so now it's time for a more friendly exchange for a change...

1- have you ever thought about going back to live in northern ireland?

2- is your direct family more favourable to keep Ulster british, seek its independence or to annex it to the republic?

3- do you personally hope that one day the whole of Ulster will be part of the republic? why?

4- best place in the world to find good beer at reasonable prices?

5- did you ever feel discriminated for your (lack of) religion or your backgrounds in NI?

6- what's your ethinicity?

7- what's your opinion on the orangemen in NI?

8- with which country in the world do you identify more right now?

9- best place in the island of ireland?

10- best country in the UK?

What prompted you to drag out this old thread? Were you doing a search for ''buddyholly + monkey"? Be honest, now.

1. No
2 Stay British
3 Hardly matters anymore, although the Republic seems more prone to wild economic swings.
4 I hate beer. Too proletarian. Not bad for making fish batter, though.
5 No, but I left after university, was never in the workplace
6 Ethnicity? WASA, I suppose. White Anglo Saxon Atheist. My surname and place of birth suggests we could have been Hugenots that fled to Ireland to start the Irish linen industry.
7 Dinosaurs
8 Canada
9 West coast, Galway area.
10 No possible answer. It would have to be best country for each individual thing, like scenery, history, hospitality, etc


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