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Re: FedererNIACKI???? Ranking System Issue???

the WTF counts many points : the difference between Fed winning all of his matches in WTF and Djokovic winning two matches in semifinal is 1100 points.

The difference between a slam winner and a slam semifinalist is 1280 points.

It may shock some but it has been this way for a long time, even in 2008 (and the rankings in 2009) when Djoko won the WTF. And well, you have to beat the best players to win the WTF (it was more made by Fed in 2010 than by Djoko in 2008)

Besides, Djokovic made something quite extraordinary last year : he didn't even reach one Masters Series final. He hadn't even reached a slam final before the US Open (a slam semifinal before Wimbledon).

That's been Djokovic's problem last year : his failure in Masters 1000 tournaments.

He compensated that with a great result in ATP500 tournaments : winning Beijing, Dubai, semifinal in Monte-Carlo (all tournaments which Fed did not play), final in Basel ... and the Davis Cup.

Actually not everybody realizes that in the past Djokovic would have had ... zero point for his Davis cup run.

Fortunately he got them and that's very well deserved.

But anyway I've seen it very often on this website : everything is supposed to be summarised by slams only. If you consider that, there was a moment in the middle of last year when Söderling would have been number 3 in the world.

But it's not how the rankings work : in 2007-2008 Djokovic was very regular in Masters Series tournaments : he has lost that ability in last 2 years. I know that some here may say it's not important, but I think it is indeed. I would like him to show that he's now as regular as he was in 2007-2008 even in slams by the way he was so regular in 2007-2008

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