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Post Re: Word Life Q&A

Originally Posted by l_mac View Post
Prolific does not mean what you think it does. You are prolific in the sense that you have churned out the posts these past couple of years. Jogy has never been a prolific poster. You are infamous in the sense that you will be remembered (maybe) for your immaturity, lack of self awareness, ill informed posts and tantrums.
Infamous is the word that I meant....infamous is a better word than prolific. I am the most infamous poster on this board, by far.
Are you failing English?
No, I got the highest grade you can get in English reading.
Writing though (essays), I didn't do very well at.
Originally Posted by l_mac View Post
Do you know what a prostitute is?

Does it not count if someone else is paying for the sex on your behalf?
A moment of madness answering that question. I do NOT think paying for sex is a good thing (don't know why I answered the second one in the way I did), it's a desperate attempt at getting laid.

Btw, your hug smilies don't hide the fact that your a spiteful, venomous poster. I know you use them to put me down (doesn't work btw). Remember gloating over and over again that you got me banned? I sure do...

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