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Re: Word Life Q&A

Originally Posted by jonathancrane View Post
Would you pay for sex?
Originally Posted by Terra Massive View Post
No, I wouldn't.
I wouldn't disgrace myself with the thought of paying for sex. Nor would I be so desperate that I'd pay for something I could easily get in future.
Originally Posted by jmf07 View Post
If Gulbis invited you around for a night with his Swedish prostitutes would you accept?
Originally Posted by Terra Massive View Post
In all honesty, yes....of course, I'd have to be older than 16....
In light of the above, my next question is:

Do you know what a prostitute is?

If the answer is no, then

If yes, then:

Does it not count if someone else is paying for the sex on your behalf?


What happened in the 16 hours between answers that made you think paying for sex might indeed be the way to go in the future? A fleeting moment of self awareness?
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