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Re: Word Life Q&A

Originally Posted by Terra Massive View Post
Prolific means that they made an impact on the forum.
Jogy was legendary, always will be. I have read some of his stuff, greatness there.
GlennMirnyi is prolofic because he is such a rabid troll.
Fed's Mate is one of the best posters to join since....forever.

I am prolific because of my 100% honest opinions and outspoken attitude.
I'm prolific, am I not?
Prolific does not mean what you think it does. You are prolific in the sense that you have churned out the posts these past couple of years. Jogy has never been a prolific poster. You are infamous in the sense that you will be remembered (maybe) for your immaturity, lack of self awareness, ill informed posts and tantrums.

edit: you are, I would imagine, the most prolific changer of username of all time

Are you failing English?

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