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Re: Word Life Q&A

Originally Posted by Terra Massive View Post
I change my username when I find one I like more than my current one....then I change it again when I find a new one....even I find it annoying. Hopefully, Word Life will be my final one. I only changed that one because I was getting some stick for it....dunno why I changed it tbh, it was my favourite.

I think they definitely could, but I don't think they will.

I think they can, if they are in form and play some good rugby.

The ones about my family do (there have been very bad ones, Chiakifug once said that I was abused by my mother as a child and neglected and that's why I am "psychotic". He got banned for it, but he continues saying that stuff....). For the most part though, they don't get to me at all, I find them very amusing.
i did not! i merely said your behaviour reminds me of the people who feature in criminal minds!

WTA is full of goddess', and the ATP if full of pushing, choking mugs¬!!!

mah gurl Word Life

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