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Originally Posted by 2003 View Post
Why do you change your screen name so often?
I change my username when I find one I like more than my current one....then I change it again when I find a new one....even I find it annoying. Hopefully, Word Life will be my final one. I only changed that one because I was getting some stick for it....dunno why I changed it tbh, it was my favourite.
Originally Posted by 2003 View Post
Do you think Scotland can knock over England in the 6 Nations Rugby union match at Twickenham this year?
I think they definitely could, but I don't think they will.
Scotland havent done too badly against England in recent years, do you think they can beat England in the 2011 Rugby world cup in New Zealand on neutral turf?
I think they can, if they are in form and play some good rugby.
Originally Posted by Commander Data View Post
Do the insults here sometimes get to you?
The ones about my family do (there have been very bad ones, Chiakifug once said that I was abused by my mother as a child and neglected and that's why I am "psychotic". He got banned for it, but he continues saying that stuff....). For the most part though, they don't get to me at all, I find them very amusing.


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