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Re: MTF 2011 Most Disliked Players of all time

Originally Posted by thrust View Post
NASTASSE- A disgusting cheating piece of shit. Very good game though
TIRIAC- Nearly as bad, but not as good a player as his asshole countryman.
RIOS- An overrated nasty jerk. Perhaps he was just plain stupid?
McEnroe- Disgusting court behavior. Too bad, because he was such a great player.
Connors- Very annoying court behavior, also a great player.

I'd like to add one Mr. Richard Krajicek.

Horribly one-dimensional as an active player, and as a major ass-kisser to whatever a top player is willing to accept his (aka, the bank's - or rather, the Dutch tax payers') MASSIVE appeareance fee at the ABN AMRO- Rotterdam tournament.
Latest Comment to add to His Eternal 'Glory': promised to slow down the Rotterdam tournament next year. The balls were 'too fast'! He, ehm, didn't realize it! (nope, never played tennis himself, eh???)


What a jerk.

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