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Originally Posted by Orka_n View Post
"Prophilic posters"... You are aware that these guys are clowns and will only be remembered of as trolls, right?
Is that your purpose of posting here? To be someone that the people here will laugh at in 3 years and say "Oh man, that Scottish kid sure was delusional and loud"?
Prolific means that they made an impact on the forum.
Jogy was legendary, always will be. I have read some of his stuff, greatness there.
GlennMirnyi is prolofic because he is such a rabid troll.
Fed's Mate is one of the best posters to join since....forever.

I am prolific because of my 100% honest opinions and outspoken attitude.
I'm prolific, am I not?

Anyway, my purpose here to talk about tennis, post my opinions, post what I think, cheer on my faves and debate and argue....
I have another question. Why do you whine and insult those who badrep you when you throw out badreps yourself like a maniac?
I don't whine about badreps, I just post them in the badrep thread.
I couldn't careless if anybody badrepped me, go ahead.
I will badrep whoever I want whenever I want however I want....depending on what I think of the post.
Originally Posted by Chiakifug View Post
Why do you think Hitler killed the Jews because he was a christian and keep ignoring the fact that he was an athiest, and killed hundreds of priests and monks and burned down churches during the war, and keep disputing solid fact which makes you look like your 'massive' intellegence is on par with Brick Tamland?
Because my opinion is my opinion and my opinion will never change.
Originally Posted by Matt01 View Post
Those are excellent questions. I wouldn't expect to get a realistic answer from him, though
I give 100% honest answers. The answers are real, so what are they other than realistic?

SLAMS: 3 TITLES, 8 finals, 10 semi-finals, 9 quarter-finals...
WORLD TOUR FINALS: 1 TITLE, 3 semi-finals...
MASTERS: 14 TITLES, 7 finals, 12 semi-finals, 18 quarter-finals...
OLYMPICS: 2 gold medals, 1 silver...
DAVIS CUP: 1 TITLE, 1 semi-final, 1 quarter-final...
WORLD #1: 40 weeks and counting...
MATCH WIN/LOSS: 655-184...
TITLES: 45 and counting...
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