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Originally Posted by sokk View Post
You know what, I think it comes down to two things.. The Montenegrins are VERY nationalistic, just like the Serbs. And honestly, I get it.. they went through a war and finally got their separation from Yugoslavia. I understand they are proud of their country now, after they probably went through a lot during the war. That's why they are VERY nationalistic, when it comes to anything Montenegrin, even though this Montenegrin is mostly Canadian I also think they are kinda jealous. They wish Milos played for their country, again, I get it, but I think the Montenegrins are taking it a bit too far when they say GO MONTENEGRO on Facebook when Milos plays. He is representing CANADA, NOT Montenegro! Like I said, if a Norwegian athelete moved to another country when he was THREE years old, and then lived there for the rest of his life, and decided to play for them.. I would totally understand that. I don't think we can claim someone just because they were born here when they GREW up in another country! The Montenegrins should understand this. But then again, I guess they'll calm down when Milos have been playing for Canada for a few years and they'll realize he won't be playing for them. Well, at least I hope he'll continue to play for Canada, I mean.. you never know.

OK, I just thought about two examples.. You have Eric Guay, a Canadian alpine skier, who has Norwegian parents. Canada also has Ryder Hesjedal, a cyclist, who obviously has a very Norwegian last name, and probably has Norwegian parents or grandparents.. I get it's not the same as being born in Norway, but still.. I don't go around claiming these as one of ours. It's a fun fact they have Norwegian heritage, but that's as far as it goes.
Eric Guay has Norwegian parents? "Guay" is pretty frequent surname in Quebec. Do you mean his mother?

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