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Re: Anybody Make A Living Here?

Well theres definately an opportunity to make a living, bookies make millions (billions?) due to 99% of people who bet. These are the people who chuck some money into an account, bet on their favourite (national) teams, and even if they win, they will keep betting until account = $0. The key is to analyse a bookies odds and see if they represent the true odds, if they don't you can capitilise and make a good bet. Eg if Djokovic is playing Isner, Djokovic will most likely win, however if odds are $1.03 vs $11 then obviously betting on Isner here is a profitable bet.

Betting on a site like Betfair will also greatly increase chances of winning (long term), this is because an even game here will have odds of $1.99 v $2.00 whereas some shitty sites will offer $1.87 v $1.87.
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