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Re: ~ * ~ The "Bienvenido a Santiago Tommy!!!" Movistar Open 2011 Cheering Thread ~ *

Originally Posted by Happiness View Post
I don't understand why they let Fognini got away with it, but maybe they didn't wanted to cause a riot there!?

Maybe Tommy should have shaken his hand, but I mostly understand him. The Spanish (and also us the Portuguese) are latins, which means that we loose temper easily! And we really don't tolerate things like that!!!

I guess that Tommy simply showed he's human and didn't want anymore of it!

Indeed poor Tommy, having to listen to it and entire match, and then see all the crowd against him!!!
It' clear that Fognini acted unprofessionally to say the least. He acted like an animal. But Tommy has a temper and his pride and I think he followed his instinct at the moment by not shaking hands which is what I would have done if I'd been abused an entire match. (if that's really what happened) The real unprofessionalism comes from the tournament referee for not interceding on Tommy's behalf during the match. That is simply unforgiveable. In not doing his job he made Tommy look like the bad one out there for not acknowledging Fognini at the end. And Fognini made it worse for Tommy by pursuing him. Not a good day for Tommy or tennis.

My sense of Tommy is that he has a bit of a stubborn streak about him and will use this to will himself to victory today. He's a pretty tough customer when all is said and done.
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