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Re: ~ * ~ The "Bienvenido a Santiago Tommy!!!" Movistar Open 2011 Cheering Thread ~ *

omg what happened?! i knew i should have woke up early to see his match...i just love sleep to much.

i really dont understand why so many people hate Tommy! I really cant think of a reason some people are so agressive over how much they hate him? he has done nothing wrong, its not like he is the type of player who is up in the other opponents face in a match if his winning or trying to course sh*t with the opponent to get a rise out of them. He does not go out of his way to annoy peple like others do, he seems to me like one of the most normal of the players....i mean he does get a touch stroppy sometimes on court when he disagrees with a call but so does everyone and tommy makes it entertaing :P

I've had people react so strangly to me when i tell them i like Robredo ...then of course i have to sit there why they call him "Boredo" and listen while they tell me how "gay" he is and how he is a "talentless mug/pusher/journey man" it confuses me why all the hate =S

BUT never the less i love him and all your guys on here do! so to me everyone else is crazy haha i am thrilled he made it to the final and i will definetly be up in time to watch his match! im looking forward to it! it would be so perfect if he could win to show everyone! to quote kuznetsova "F**k all haters" Tommy and win this thing!!!

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