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We need a mod who can cut down on the Nadal trolling threads

Basically every thread about Nadal is haters just fishing for a fight, trolling. And it would be nice to make this stop. Considering how the mods are so good with shutting down the Federer hating threads, the Nadal hating threads go completely ignored.

I don't mind a discussion, but people just saying Rafa faking an injury, making excuses again and again and again. Just for trolling. Do we really need threads like that?

And if you agree with me, can the mods please get better at this? Or maybe we just need new mods?


Also supporting known chokers Verdasco, Lopez and Monaco

Originally Posted by rubbERR View Post
Verdasco was their cheerleader, number one mascot.
They let him play tennis once after they saw his "consistency is everything" advertisement.
Originally Posted by JarkaFish View Post
Joke thread? Kohlschreiber clowns this servebot in 3.
Maybe 4 or 5 if he wants to get more of a workout in.
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