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Re: Tennis Tipping Managers Thread 2011

Originally Posted by ibreak4coffee View Post
Just a heads up to the board that we have a slight problem for the Reunion challenger. Our manager abollo seems to be from Egypt where all internet communications have been cut off since the protests started

Judging by what's happening, I'm not confident he'll be back online in time for the tournament's end and tomorrow's OOP is out already any event.

I am glad to step in to manage from here, but we have a slight problem in that I'm in doubles semi-finals and obviously that complicates the situation. Additionally, for today's matches everyone sent diffs to abollo and I'm not sure how we can confirm who picked whom. Can anyone help at a minimum accept the picks of my doubles opponents?

Abollo has been very responsive and around frequently during the tournament, so the fact he's not been online in almost 24 hours and this coincides with the protests and internet shut down seem to indicate to me its not his fault and need a plan B
You can ask people to send picks to me, I'll feed them back to you when the deadline passes.
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