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Re: Rafatards chat. NO Rafahaters, Fedtards or trolls allowed in here!

Originally Posted by sokk View Post
I wish I could say we have that here, but sadly we don't.. the only city that has a metro in Norway is Oslo.

We just got a one line light rail (tram) here last year, but the tram isn't going to where I live, so I can't take it anyway.. most people in this city rely on the buses. And the buses are awful, always late, in a bad state, and packed. I would expect something better than this in the second largest city of such a rich country as Norway! I hate taking the transit every day.. blah
sorry that there is no metro in your city, why don't you drive to school? I was given the impression that most Europeans drive to work/school?

Rafa! Rafa! Rafa!

Epic movies, like brokeback mountain, are seldom found in the industry or worthy for the mainstream viewer. As often as I have watched the clips of this movie, I always find something more to it. For one, the gay stuff doesn't enter the picture for me, only the dimension of the highest love I have ever witnessed in life or on film.
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