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Re: There is no finish line...

You're welcome! Fo some I was wondering whether they would be interesting enough to include, "consecutive QF at 3 slams" might be pushing it. Federer is also tied with several others at having won precisely 1 tournament 6+ times. He and Nadal (also one, Monte Carlo) could battle this out the coming years.

On a sidenote, Federer can get his 15th consecutive hardcourt SF in slams if he wins another 2 matches. Right now he has 20 consecutive hardcourt 4th rounds and 23 3rd rounds. Quite amazing given the timespan, and records, though AO only quite recently switched of course. Noone to catch or surpass in those regards so not of interest for this thread.

It would certainly be amazing if Federer could catch the 1st round record. That one is far easier to achieve for some average top 100 player. All it takes is good health and constantly being in the top 100 for 14 years. :P
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