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Re: There is no finish line...

Some suggestions:

Most FO match wins
Federer is 6th with 43 wins, 13 behind Vilas, should be possible unless Nadal gets there first (38 now).
(perhaps even Wimbledon, he is 29 wins behind Connors...)

Most consecutive years winning a Slam
=1. Federer, Borg, Sampras, 8.

Most career Grand Slams
1. Laver, Emerson, 2
=2 Federer, 1

Most 250 titles (since 1990, like 500 and masters)
1. Muster 26
=2. Federer 20

Most match wins at each Slam
1. Lendl 48
2. Agassi 46
3. Federer 43. (Fed could get this at the FO already)

Number of different tournaments won at least 5 times (open era)
=1. Federer, Nadal, 4. (wim,uso,halle,wtf vs mc,barcelona,rome,fo)

Most SF reached at each Slam
=1. Federer, Agassi, Lendl, 5. (Fed only needs a 6th FO SF to take the record. A 7th FO SF would even take it to 7.)

Most QF reached at each Slam
=1. Federer, Agassi, Lendl, 7. (Fed needs an 8th QF at AO,FO and USO)

Most consecutive F at each Slam
=1. Federer, Lendl, 2. (Fed only needs a final at AO2011 to make it 3)

Most QF reached at at least 3 different Slams
1. Connors, 8.
=2. Federer, Lendl, Agassi, 7. (Fed needs another QF at 2 slams out of AO,FO,USO)

Most F reached at at least 2 different Slams
1. Sampras, 7.
=2. Federer, Borg, Connors, 6. (Fed needs another USO final)

Hope you can use something.

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