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Re: Anderson Cooper is gorgeous.

Originally Posted by Shambritfan View Post
Dunno, I'm a hetero (or straight, though I dislike that term). Although by the sounds of it, you have the qualities to make me change my mind. Even so it's pretty easy to resist you, considering I'm basically talking to a bunch of words strung up into ludicrously confident sentences in a box.

I don't find myself irresistible and girls tend to concur with this fact. I am the polar opposite of you.

I have no idea who Anderson Cooper is. I was hoping he was one of those really hot girls using a male stage name.

That is Anderson Cooper. Even as a hetero man, you must be able to see the hotness.

I have the qualities to change your mind? Awww, thanks

And, yeah, I can see why it would be easy to resist me given this is just a computer forum and all, but I mean, come on. Where else are you going to find more fun than talking with me

If you want to be irresistible, you have to be confident. Girls love a confident man. Walk around like you think you're irresistible and I'm sure the girls will follow you around like your Hugh Hefner.

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