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Re: Life as a tennis pro - Amir Weintraub

Amir's a good looking guy. Sort of an interesting mix of Nole, Bellucci and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Anyway, nice insight into the life of.. well lets face it, the majority of tennis players. Nice that he found the time to let us ordinary people know about the rigors of it all. Doesn't sound appealing, but hey tennis isn't just about immensely talented mega stars. It represents the strength and resolve within a person to strive upwards and never look back on and off the court, ploughing through one adversity after another.

These "journeymen" may not have god-given abilities or hordes of fans and admirers, but their determination to fight doggedly for success is far beyond what most people can even imagine.

*Raises fist* All power to these heroes.

So someone recently informed me that my sig was empty. Said I needed a life affirming motivational quote by a positive role model like Einstein or Oscar Wilde...

Here's a tip. Don't regret nothin'. You ain't got the time. Before you know it, you'll be 60 something years old giving free advice to some cheapskate runt... Then going home and regretting it.

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