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Re: Life as a tennis pro - Amir Weintraub

Originally Posted by abraxas21 View Post
no idea but then again, south america is quite big.

for example, the distance from santiago to caracas is over 3000 miles. from santiago to sao paulo is over 1600 miles.

by contrast, the distance from tel aviv to, say, a big euro capital like berlin, is 1770 miles. you guys have the advantage of being closer to europe which has a lot more opportunities for tournaments. plus, israel is a rich nation with more economical opportunities and i'm sure a more wealthy tennis federation than what you might find in south america.
this all sounds like a pissing contest but it aint my intention at all. i'm just saying, the poorer you are and the farther from the first world you are, the lesser your chances are. by this token, theres a reason why africans don't do well at tennis.

Are you kidding me? Look how many tournaments Chile has alone, including ATP tournaments Israel doesn't have.

Israel's entire sport budget is 67 million shekels. (22 million dollars), I'm sure it's more than than that in at least SOME of the south American countries.
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