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Re: Rafachat Vol. 67! The N. American sneaks in.

Originally Posted by wildegirl05 View Post
fucking men and their fucking ego over football. i think because of the footie zone thread, i will soon be enrolling in anger management classes
So much (and not towards any men of football zone thread )
Originally Posted by tennizen View Post
Peta, the flood pics look awful and scary
They are So much rain on the east coast... and over on the other side near Perth they have bad bushfires Why not just write off the whole country
Originally Posted by Betty View Post
this morning i wear at work a wool dress(andy the one i showed u)
my colleague told me: pretty dress but..did u get kilos?
me yesi know it notices on belly buti like this dress
colleague:yes it notices u should wear a (dont know english name but it needs for hide the belly:

or a larger dress

ok be sincere but sometime dont need to say all to other
OMFG Who says that?!
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