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Re: Dem Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot in the head

This incident is a clear example why I distrust the media so much. That means everybody from Fox on up to CNN and the NYT. They're all pushing a political agenda; they are the ones who have charged up the incendiary political rhetoric. The fact that so-called trustworthy news sources have actually tried to blame Palin or the Tea Party for this Communist Manifesto-reading nutjob's behavior is one reason why this country has lost its collective mind. For them to have instantly politicized this incident, without any proof as to what his motive was, was irresponsible journalism. We need more of Jon Stewart's Rally for Sanity talk.

The guy who shot Ms. Giffords was a plain old, garden-variety lunatic looking for his fifteen minutes of fame. Sometimes I wonder if people like him would exist if the media didn't give him the infamy he sought?

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