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Re: Dem Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot in the head

Originally Posted by Tommy_Vercetti View Post
Which leaves what? The major network news that most people see (CBS in particular) are far more biased than CNN or Fox. There is an unbreakable entrenchment of left-wing bias there. Couric in particular now. The report they did on the shooting, even when it was clear that he wasn't a tea party type, was entirely about Sarah Palin being responsible. The internet is sadly the only place to get the right information.
What people seem to be looking for in news is "opinion." You don't have to get news from television. I don't watch any television news at all. It's all very bad and getting worse. I think that news organizations have so much pressure to be "up to the second" with their reporting that they don't have enough time to do a good job and certainly not the staff they need to do a good job.

But, unless we stop watching, they are going to keep doing the same thing. I haven't watched television news for 10 years at least. I stopped when I could no longer take people yelling and sneering at one another. This is not intelligent discourse, it is simply scoring points. Politics should not be a sporting event, and sadly that's how it's presented. It's not cute to talk about reloading and firing again. It's not cute to say you bring a club and we'll bring a gun. So, if they won't be adult, we must be.
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