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Originally Posted by tennis4you
always in front eh?

Moving forward is a great way to hit the ball if the option is there, it will not always be there.

I agree with the shoulders though. I try to keep mine turned until the last minute to try not too give too much away (where I am going to hit the shot)

Also where your racquet strikes the ball. Directly on rear face, slightly on the outside, those will also help determine where the ball is going to go.
Yeah, the contact point and soulder turn should be the same on crosscourt or down the line, its where you brush up on the ball that makes the difference. For example, to hit cross court you aim to strike a little towards the right side of the ball, if you want to go inside out you aim a little left of center. If controlled correctly this will give the ball the necessary curve and spin to pass opponents from the baseline and be more precise on the groundstrokes, but the contact point and soulder turn should not be any different because if you open up your soulders too early you
a) interfere with power generation during the stroke
b) increase likelihood that the ball will be framed.
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