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Re: TT Code of Conduct - Please vote to approve

Originally Posted by Goldenoldie View Post
3.8 Players will be aware that there are children in the TT ranks, and will refrain from foul language.
Define "foul language." Will I be at risk of being ejected from a tournament if I post "What the fuck is Blake doing?" What about "Why the hell did I pick Blake?" What about "Blake is playing like shit"? And what about non-English "foul language"? Is "cagon" foul language?

Or does "foul language" mean bad grammar, poor spelling, indifferent punctuation, etc.? In which case half the TT players on MTF will be eating a tt-ban by 2nd week of AO.

If we are trying to protect () children from exposure to "foul language" it should be prohibited everywhere on this site, because there are children all over MTF, not just playing TT.

Furthermore any kid who is sophisticated enough to play TT has surely seen and read all kinds of foulness all over the internets. If parents are concerned about their kids reading dirty words, they better get them the hell away from the computer, and if they don't want them hearing dirty words, they better not let them watch tennis, either.


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