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Re: TT Code of Conduct - Please vote to approve

I voted for the code because we need one. But I have some comments about this draft - namely, that there are more provisions in the code of conduct for managers than players.

As I remember it, this issue came up originally because of player behaviour, not manager behaviour. Yet in these rules, it does seem as if more of the original problem came from managers. There are 21 provisions managers must abide by, 13 for players.

And the overall provisions seem to make it pretty hard for any manager to comply with everything without giving up their own life. Code 3.3 under players even states - "Players will remember that the manager has a private life, and be prepared to be flexible when necessary" - but the above provisions related to managers are pretty strict and not always very flexible. The 12 hour window for example is great in theory, in practice impossible to enforce as some challengers dont give that much notice themselves to players. And I completely agree diffs should be posted within one hour. But its not always possible - I sometimes get stuck in unanticipated meetings at work and if those ever were to fall at a deadline I'd miss it, as I manage even students will have problems with that. And we're going to demand that from managers, then why dont we demand managers adhere to the start of official play as a deadline to send picks, and not hours earlier than the start of play as Jim you've been forced to do in the past because of personal commitments?

I also dont understand why a manager cant manage a challenger and enter it as they can in these rules for Grand Slams, Masters Series, and 500 tournaments. What's the rationale behind that? Sure there are other options at the challenger level, but I still think its unfair. Assistant managers can be found at the challenger level too.

Also this one - "2.18.The manager will treat all players impartially, and will have no regard to personal friendships or animosities". If its necessary even to write this, then the whole game of TT is in trouble.

Otherwise, thanks Jim for taking the time to draft this and for your efforts to put in place a code. We need it
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