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Re: TT Code of Conduct - Please vote to approve

I'm neither voting for nor against it. I appreciate the idea, the work put into it, and most of the content but believe there are two rules that are too strict on the managers and may cause a problem if there's no over-supply of managers.

2.4 may be a problem for
(i) people who are borderline MD/QD players and therefore may want to wait and see the MD cutoffs before deciding to commit to certain tournaments independent of whether they're the managers.
(ii) people who just badly want to play their home tournaments and who can't manage others because of time zone constraints.
(iii) challenger players who prefer to play the tournaments yielding the higher number of ranking points even if those are the only ones they can manage.

2.14 Expecting managers to respond to questions during the day doesn't seem reasonable as many managers won't be able to do so and, when choosing which tournaments to manage, the manager can't really predict that more than one round will be played on a day.

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