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TT Code of Conduct - Approved


Draft Code of Conduct

1. General

1.1 TT is a game where the best standards of sportsmanship are expected.

1.2 The rules and regulations of MTF will be respected by participants at all times.

1.3 This code of conduct is intended to supplement the MTF rules, and raise awareness of acceptable behaviour.

1.4 A participant’s conduct in other parts of the forum may be taken into account by TT board and managers.

1.5 By entering into any tournament a player agrees to accept this code, whether or not he has actually read it.

1.6 The code will apply to all TT tournaments, including exhibitions and friendlies.

1.7 When ratified, this code will take effect when the first tournament thread of the 2011 season is opened, and will remain in effect until the end of the 2011 season. It will then be subject to renewed ratification.

1.8 Notwithstanding 1.7, any provision found during the season to be inappropriate or unworkable may, after proper discussion, be removed or amended by the TT Board.

1.9. The TT Board shall be responsible for interpretation of this code, and for taking any action necessary under it, and their decision shall be final.

1.10 Where required by the context “he” shall be read as “he/she” and “player” shall be read as “player or players”

2. The Manager

2.1 The manager will be aware of the Time Zone for his tournament, and its relationship to CET/CEST

2.2 The manager will attempt to volunteer for tournaments which best fit in with his personal commitments.

2.3 Except in an emergency a manager will not manage more than one tournament in any week.

2.4 With the exception of Grand Slams, Masters Series, Davis Cup and WTF (and any ATP 250/500 where there's only one tournament per week or one tournament of higher value than the others) a manager will not play in any event he manages. For the exceptions he will ensure that somebody is available to receive his/his opponent’s picks.

2.5 The manager will open the thread two weeks before the start of the scheduled qualifying rounds.

2.6 If opened in “skeleton” form the thread will be updated at least 2 days before the first deadline. In the meantime the manager will respond promptly to any queries by players/potential players.

2.7 The entry lists will be updated at least one day before the first deadline and at regular intervals thereafter.

2.8 If there are spaces in the main draw(s) the manager has sole discretion whether or not to extend the final deadline.

2.9 The manager will publish the OOPs as soon as possible, and will attempt to give a window of at least 12 hours for the players to send picks.

2.10 The manager may delegate responsibility for posting the OOP to another person in order to achieve the 12 hour window.

2.11 The manager will usually aim to post differences within 1 hour of start of play (always after the deadline).

2.12 The manager will post results (updates for a 2 day round) as soon as possible.

2.13 In case of unfinished matches the manager will give precise instructions regarding the sending of picks.

2.14 Where 2 rounds are played in one day, the manager will endeavour to post differences for the second round when the results of the first are known, but he is not obliged to do so. If differences are not posted he will respond to players’ reasonable requests for information.

2.15 The manager will be familiar with the TT rules, particularly those governing tie-breaks, and will ask for advice if in doubt.

2.16 The manager will keep the first page of the thread updated, especially the draws and the OOP

2.17 If using the -Evita- Spreadsheet the manager will be responsible for its correct operation, and will be prepared to double-check any result on request.

2.18.The manager will treat all players impartially, and will have no regard to personal friendships or animosities.

2.19 The manager will be courteous and considerate at all times, even when provoked.

2.20 The manager will be especially tolerant and helpful towards players new to Tennis Tipping.

2.21 Despite the shortage of managers, a manager who fails to adhere to the code may be warned and if necessary removed by the TT Board.

3. The Players

3.1 The players should remember the one tournament per week rule, and their commitment should be unambiguous, particularly in doubles.

3.2 Players are responsible for checking the entry lists and ensuring their name is included in the draw.

3.3 Players will remember that the manager has a private life, and be prepared to be flexible when necessary.

3.4 Players may request OOPs, differences or results before the deadlines mentioned in this code, but must do so politely.

3.5 Players are free to criticize the manager, but must be specific and not make generalizations.

3.6 Players must not accuse the manager of laziness, incompetence or bias without clear and precise evidence.

3.7 Players must not personally abuse the manager, their opponents or any fellow player.

3.8 Players will be aware that there are children in the TT ranks, and will refrain from foul language.

3.9 Players are free to abuse their chosen ATP picks, but are expected to do so in moderation.

3.10 If a player breaches the code, the manager may, at his sole discretion, give the player a chance to retract before taking any action.

3.11 For an infraction of the code the player will be reported to the TT board and suspended from the current tournament. Provided 3 board members approve, he will be expelled from the current tournament and his opponent given a walkover. The player may continue to send picks while his suspension is considered.

3.12 A separate thread in TT will be opened for disciplinary matters, in order to deal with these promptly.

3.13 For a second serious offence, the player will be banned for a period of four weeks from the end of the current tournament. A third offence will receive a ban of 13 weeks, and a fourth a lifetime ban. A lifetime ban would require the assent of 4 board members rather than 3. Punishments may be reduced at the Board's discretion if there are extenuating circumstances.

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