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Re: The Mikey: 2010 pop Champion of MTF Rafachat vol 66

Originally Posted by Snoo Foo View Post
i don't even know who won acc

edit: pleasesayfiberpleasesayfiberpleasesayfiber
I don't either.

Oh, now I do. thanks, andrea. I'm sure I'll forget soon.

Did Jolan win pop contest last year? See how quickly the laurels fade?

Originally Posted by Metis View Post
Is it? I hope he has cut down on the Fancy Feast since then. Otherwise the owners should send him to Hilde for a couple of weeks. That should do the trick.
Yeah. Not exactly a trick. My kitty couldn't stand a week of Hilde's regime.

Originally Posted by Corey Feldman View Post
fed's mate

corey feldman


Fedtards dominating the MTF slams
Yeah. It's sort of like opening a door to a shed and finding a rat's nest. Alarming and nauseating.
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