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]Why do you like Roland Garros the most of the Grand Slam tournaments?

Have you ever been to Rotterdam? I was at the tournament earlier this year with Karin because we wanted to see Rafa but unfortunately he didn't play.
I don't know, probably because of the big clay battles. The most pleasant time of the year too. And Wimbledon is too traditional for me.
Australian Open is great too but a difficult time schedule for us in Europe, and US Open is too 'American' in my opinion.

Yes actually I have been to Rotterdam this year on Friday Night session. Watched Youzhny battle Monfils for 3 hrs, that was the only match I saw because Flo Mayer withdrew against Nole I Know and he won't come this year too. Well we have to do with Nole and Muzza which isn't bad also.

I think he and us fans will never forget this match Who knows what a victory in a best of 5 match against Rafa would have meant for his selfconfidence for other matches against him?
Yes I know. He could have defeated him in that one. Maybe another 1 or 2 RG's on his palmares wouldn't be that bad. Or his crushing loss at Wimby wouldn't have happened. Well we never know

This loss will always hurt

I didn't knew that you are a fan of him. When did you discover his music?

It must have been tough for you when he died. How did you found out about it?
Well I'm not his biggest fan but I admire him so much. I've watch the childhood movie and his interview with that English Pakistani. That was so difficult to watch, watching Michael cry during the interview. The guy has experienced so much, more bad things than good things but I hope he kinda enjoyed his life when he was doing what he loved most, performing on stage for his fans.

I think I discovered his music in the last year of elementary school when I was 11.

I told my mom immediately. I didn't cry or anything but I was pretty shocked. Of course he was in poor health but I didn't expect him to pass away so soon. And I found out because somebody popped up an MSN Name : The King of Pop is Dead. RIP


There's probably a lot which you would like to tell your dad if you would have the chance, right?
Yes, a lot to talk about. He didn't see me graduate, get my drivers license and much more. So much has happened in these last 6 years.
We probably wouldn't have eaten a lot during that dinner.

Good luck for it

What are you studying? You might have already told it in the Federer forum but I don't remember it now
Thank you Doris

I'm studying Management & Tourism, so I'm gonna get my management certificate to open my own store/restaurant anything else too.

Which losses can we blame on you?

I don't know at the moment which threads you have opened which didn't turned out the way we wanted
I think I've opened up the Paris Masters thread in 2009 in which he lost immediately to Benneteau

I suppose my threads only work for the big work aka GS's

Maybe we should make a contest about who should start the AO thread

Thanks for taking time to answer the questions Javier
Haha maybe we should. We'll throw that in the Fed forum on the 2nd of January, deal?

Of course the pleasure was all mine. Thanks for asking me these questions and taking the effort to read my answers as well!

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