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Re: In the spotlight - EnriqueIG8

You probably mean their encounter in the SF at the Olympic Games 2000 where Tommy won in 2 sets. Roger was 18 at that time.
I probably meant their encounter at Australian Open 2002 It was when Tommy won 8-6 in the fifth, and I guess Roger weared the outfit in my avatar right? That was the one

I understand what you mean I have to say I cried after that match as I was so happy for him that he finally got this trophy
Well no tears here, but almost. I was so happy. And when the Cantique Suisse (Swiss Anthem) came and you saw him and his tears it was enchanting to me. Forever in my heart that moment.

And Andy is still probably one of Roger's biggest fans
Yes that's what I like about Andy too. He once said. " I'd love to hate him, but he's such a damn nice guy "

We have the #1 in active and retired players in common
See, we're not that different after all. How great was the moment when Guga draw the heart in the RG clay. And his goodbye match against PHM.

I can't really ask for anything more personally. I love my job and am able to do what I like to do in my free time. The only wish I have is health for myself and the people who are important to me
I'd wish that to for you aswell as my own environment. We'll be good in the next year, Doris

Thanks for your kind words
Don't worry about it. Always kind words and praise for you.

Karin was in Zürich with me this week at the Roger-Rafa exho

You can find her on her livejournal:
I'll go and read her livejournal when I have the time on my hands.
She's such a nice person too. Say Hi to her from me when you see her next time IRL.

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