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Re: Getting check'd out. How do you react?

Originally Posted by Barrie_Dude View Post
Me suspects that YOU were checking HIM out! Why else would you recall what he was driving, what he was wearing AND what he was doing? You sound like a sleazy douchebag that is always looking to score everytime you go out!
How would I be checking him out when he was the one who drove past me while I was walking home? He initiated the situation, I just ran with it. I remember it because it was a major situation, I remember things like that, in fact I remember pretty much every similar situation as well, because it's something really impactful, at least to me. It's something that makes me think, when I do think about it, which generally is when I'm reminded of it by something else.

Also, I probably could score every time I go out, but that isn't what I go out to do, plus I like to get to know a person first
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