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Anderson Cooper is gorgeous.

So, I made the ugly v pretty thread to get your reactions on what life is like for individuals generally seen as physically attractive and those who aren't. Now, this thread is solely based on getting checked out and recognized as being attractive.

Personally, and no I'm not fucking bragging, I get checked out almost every single time I go out. Mostly by other guys. Examples: I remember this summer this guy in a yellow open roof sportcar was checking the hell out of me, with the eyes and the driving slow thing, stuff you see in a movie. Also this one guy who literally drove up to me, rolled down the window, and asked what I wanted to do together. I've had people shout out on the street to call me hot. I've been openly flirted with by a few guys at the church I go to, with my best girl friend telling me all about it. People in their cars who literally look at me while driving, and even at McDonalds more than once, including this light skinned black guy with a "friend" who pretty much made a direct pass at me.

Do I egg it on? Sort of. Not necessary, it just happens, but I don't go out of my way to stop it, let's put it that way. I dress nice, look good, I know how to get people attracted to me, so it's going to happen. I like it a lot but then my conscious tells me otherwise, so it's sort of conflicting. And I realize it makes me seem pretentious so it's not something I really should go out of my way to seek for. It's not really positive attention. And these individuals aren't always really the ones I should be seeking.

Anyway, have any of you been checked out like I have, or get checked out a lot while in public? If so, how do you all react? Do you like it, or do you feel the people doing it are pervy? Does it turn you on when it's someone you like? Do you flirt back? Tell me how these things go for you peeps.

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